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Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music Family Session Tunes - January 2016

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Family Session Tunes January 2020

We had a great time playing tunes at the first Family Session of 2020! Here’s a list of the tunes that we played, to the best of my memory. Feel free to drop the Irish Fest School of Music a note if I missed a tune or mixed up a set.

Jimmy Wards/Connachtman's Rambles (jigs)

We Won't Go Home 'Till Morning/Cuz's/Britches Full of Stitches - A major (polkas)

Humors of Tulla/Drowsy Maggie/Mountain Road (reels)


Off to California/Rights of Man (hornpipes)

Tobin's/Lilting Banshee/Killavil (jigs)

My Darling Asleep/The Kesh/East at Glendart (jigs)

Silver Spear/Old Copperplate/Old Concertina (reels)

The Snowy Path/the Butterfly (slip jigs)

Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding (hornpipes)



Note: most of these link to the versions of tunes listed on thesession.org. Settings on thesession.org may or may not resemble settings played in the Family Session or your local session. When in doubt, ask to record at your session to capture the local versions, and (as always )- listen!


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